French higher education system is world class and dynamic training the leaders of a nation that plays a central role in the domains of science, business, and culture. France is one of the most sought after study-abroad destinations, inviting abundant number of students every year from all over the world. In addition to a good educational experience, studying in France leads to good career opportunities internationally after graduation. France is better known for its high level of technological development, culture and reputation in the education system, which attracts number of young aspirants here every academic year.

Attractive tuition rates in France

France is a world-class economic power

Quality higher education adapted to students needs

France is home to leading international corporations

Outstanding research and development opportunities

Young talent is valued in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors

Popular universities in France

  • Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
  • Ecole Polytechnique
  • Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)
  • École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
  • Université Paris-Sud
  • Université Paris Diderot, Paris
  • Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
  • Sciences Po Paris
  • Université de Strasbourg
  • Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)

Popular Programs in France

  • Geography
  • Teaching
  • Sociology
  • Science and Technology
  • Linguistics
  • Fashion
  • Law
  • Food and Culinary Arts

Tuition Fees in France

The major benefits of studying in France are that you will note relatively low tuition fees at public universities. Agreed that the overall cost of living in France, especially in the major cities is quite high but then education and tuition fees do go low if you are lucky enough to get a seat for the majority of courses at most public universities in France. The approximate cost here is about EU€189 (around US$210) for a year for a bachelor’s degree. Some courses may be more expensive than the others .So the average tuition fee costs here are about US$1,000 per year for domestic and international students alike.


France stay back option
⦁ International Students who are looking forward to pursuing small and short-term courses in France cannot stay in France after completion of studies. The student must leave the country after course completion. However, later on, they are welcome to apply for a separate work permit.

⦁ A student can apply for a residence permit for France if s/he has paid employment. This is applicable for both bachelors and master’s programs and students would have to apply for a work permit.

⦁ For master’s students, however, there is good news. On completing your master’s course, you can apply for and get a temporary residence permit, for a period of 24 months.
So, Indian students in France can now stay in the country even after completion of their studies.


Work permit after study in France
A work permit in France after masters is a great option for students who wish to stay in the country for a long time after they complete their studies. This gives them extra time to find a job and gain permanent residence, pay off student loan debts or enhance their resumes by getting work experience in international companies. Post-study work permit.

There are different kinds of France student visa to stay back and students need to check which one allows them to stay back after study in France.

⦁ Students who are enrolled in short-term courses with duration of 6 months or less are not allowed to stay in France after their course completion. They must leave the country; however, they can come back after applying for a work permit again.

⦁ VLT-TS visa allows international students to stay in France for two years after the completion of their course to look for employment, on the condition that they have finished their Master’s degree or higher from the institute of France.

If you are successful in finding a work which gives you a salary of at least 1.5 times the minimum wage, then you can contact your local administration to change your status from student to employee and allows you to work full-time. You will get a post study work visa in France.

Working While You Study In france

⦁ An international student from outside of the European Union, which is what Indian students are, can work for a maximum of 964 hours in any given year provided,
⦁ The university they are working for does not have any objection to the same
⦁ The student has a valid residency permit
⦁ Students need not obtain temporary employment authorisation, Autorisation Provisoire de Travail (APT – Temporary Work Permit) anymore. The residency permit has the inbuilt clause for the same.

⦁ All students in France, including the students enrolled in the first year of university as well as students enrolled in a language program, are eligible to work in France.

⦁ The minimum wage rule applies to all working students. The minimum hourly wage rate is set at €9.76 per hour (before taxes). After reducing the same, the student makes somewhere around €7.61 per hour.
⦁ Cumulatively, a student can earn somewhere around €7900 per year or just above INR 6 lakhs a year. Though this is not enough to compensate for the high cost of living, it is surely a handy pocket allowance.

⦁ A student can also apply for and get employment at the university s/he is studying in or any other higher institute/ university. Students at a university are offered a contract for one year that covers the period of 1 September through 31 August. The time is split in the manner
0. Maximum of 670 hours in the period between 1 September and 30 June (part-time)
1. Up to 300 hours between July 1 and August 31 (full time)

Those who are pursuing a 6-month program are allowed to work for 472 hours.
It is important to remember that some courses might have an in-built internship. These programs usually do not allow students to take up part-time work. Irrespective of the laws, if the program does not permit a student to work part-time, you cannot work. It is, hence, important to check with the University regarding the same.

Study in France Requirements and Work Permit in France:

International students in France are only eligible for the minimum wage offered by the government. And it is actually propagated that if a student becomes able to find an employment which guarantees him far more than that, he or she shall immediately Apply for work visa in France after masters because that means that he has succeeded in a full time employability in this country.
Lastly the rules and regulations for the post study work permit in France get rigid or flexible according to the nationality you possess. Be very sure about the terms and conditions before deciding and applying finally.

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